Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stolen Passion

Inspired by a phone call on Friday night

The time was around 11pm as I parked and got out of my car, the whole area was dark and silent. I knocked softly on the gate, but it was obvious the mallam was deep in sleep, as I could hear him snoring through the window. I took some couple of steps back and then ran towards the gate, as I reached it, I leaped up caught the top of the gate, swung myself over and dropped at the other side. I had barely taken out the tranquilizer gun from my pocket when Jezebel came running towards me, fast, furious, and snarling. The ground vibrated as she ran towards me, I could even see the whiteness of her huge jaws. When she got to some 10 feet away from me, she leaped with her jaws wide open, ready to clasp on me. I calmly shot into her mouth with the tranquilizer. She dropped down hard on the ground, instantly asleep. I dragged her to one side and shot her again, this time in the neck, to make sure she slept for 6 hours. I didn’t want any surprises on my way out.
I walked to the side of the house, gripped the balcony pillar and climbed up into the balcony. The door leading to the balcony was not locked as I eased it open and entered into the parlour upstairs.
Everywhere was silent and dark. I made my way to your room, and gently turned the door handle, just in case the door was locked. The door swung open, I entered and closed the door. I waited a little bit to let my eyes adjust to the darkness, to ascertain where you were lying down. I saw you were on the bed, I tip toed towards you.
You were fast asleep, lying on your side facing away from me with the blanket over you. I got on the mattress and gently pulled away the blanket, you turned on your back as I pulled, the blanket came away from your shoulders exposing your naked breasts, and right thigh. You mumbled something in your sleep as the cold breeze blew on your naked breasts making the nipples harden. I gently took your right breast into my mouth, circling it with my tongue, while I softly twirled on your left nipple. You breathed in sharply, I paused, then I continued to suck on your breast softly, taking the nipple between my teeth and chewing softly on it. My hand snaked under the blanket, down over your tummy to between your legs. As I ran my fingers lightly over your vagina, you shivered, and spread your legs wider apart. I rubbed on the lips of your vagina, brushing lightly over your clitoris, and feeling your wetness. I pulled away the blanket totally from your body, you were all naked, beautiful and exciting to behold, my dick was fully aroused. I leaned over you a little, taking your right breast into my mouth and sucking slow and softly on your nipple. You were now breathing in short, fast and labored breath. I caressed your thighs, up and down, and then rubbed my dick against your vagina, you started trembling and quivering, all over your body, muttering words I didn’t understand. I climbed fully on top of you, holding my dick to penetrate fully into your vagina.

“No, not here, not yet,” you whispered.

I stopped.

I jerked awake, I had a massive hard on. “Kai, what a dream,” I said.
I lay back down to resume my sleep.

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